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As a child I like to walk through the dunes of sand in Formby. I liked a quiet place to play with me. Usually I just unzipped it and play with my dick. in a very hot day, I stripped my underwear and started masturbating, I liked it so much, I decided to remove my underwear and masturbating naked after spunk lay in the sun. i dose off. When I woke up a little later was on my side my cock was rock hard again at the end of the wet sand. I spit in my hand and started cleaning, I was suddenly aware of the breath behind me, I immediately rolled I found myself face to face with the man's face completely naked, my cock was his touchjng. I've never had an erection that is not mine. I looked for my clothes, but were not present. I was in a complete panic, I would like to cover my penis and testicles with their hands wanted, I wanted to go to my erection, but always seemed larger. The man was lying on his back little by little jerks, I could not believe what was happening and it was my cockalways so hard it hurts. Then he said, you have the clothes, you dirty boy, I saw what you did before, before going to bed, you'll be walking funny naked through the city, I was tubevector petrified. said he wants to get up, I could see my penis bigger than ever, told me that they masturbate, as it did before, I have no choice, I slowly started to rub my dick would have liked, does not come out, he said, to shake . He produced my underwear out of his backpack AMD began rubbing his penis, which I think was in the coulgnt sise of its tail, but tubevector had tubevector never seen a naked man with his rock hard cock before. He began putting on my underwear, little about it, looked at his penis could not, he moved to the side seams until the crack and managed to get them to get on his tail, that could advance wet, and then pulls strongly that broke into pieces. Have you ever sucked anyone off, he said, I honestly do not know what tentered a path, approached me and took my dick in my hand I was afraid, but this feeling is still with me today for the first time anyone besides me that my cock was erect. moves left a gengly go head down until my lips touched his cock, then I smelled it I was in a good grade he was in my mouth and suck me i was furious emptied his tubevector hot cum in my mouth like a mouthful, i ca n still taste that first sip. I swallowed. Its tail came loose, I got up again, took my cock in my hand and masturbated immetiatly suddenly I wanted to see me shoot my load all his flaccid penis. ne gave tubevector me my clothes in no hurry to put in was just playing in the sand with me.
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